• How long does it take to string a racquet? Typically a racquet takes 30 minutes to string once it’s on the machine. However, depending on Promises/Orders made before hand effect how long it can take to string a racquet.
  • Who strings the racquets?  Just Tennis Stringing Team Consists of Mike and Dillon Michalicka. We Provide Profesional service and knowledge about racquet sports. We are proud to offer this excellent service to our clients everyday.
  • Do any of your racquets come strung? At Just Tennis our goal is to find the right racquet, and strings, that match your playing needs and style. Although most of our racquets come unstrung, to allow for greater customization, we do offer some racquets strung by us.
  • How much does it cost to string a racquet? Your total stringing cost includes the cost of strings plus the cost of labour. The cost of strings depends on the type of strings you select. Strings range in price from $10-$70 plus tax. Labour is $25 plus tax (badminton racquet labour is $29 + tax). Should you bring in your own strings, you will only be charged the labour fee. On average String cost Including labour ranges from $39-$92.
  • Is the cost of stringing included with the purchase of a new racquet? The price of the racquet frame does not include the price of stringing. We maintain that your strings are just as important as your racquet - both need to match your playing needs and style. Therefore we offer a custom stringing solutions and Advice on your string needs.
  • How do I know what tension to string my racquet with? Every racquet contains a brand-recommended stringing tension range. For example, 50 – 60 lbs.
    • If you are looking for more control, string your racquet at the higher end of the range; e.g. 58 lbs.
    • If you are looking for more power, string your racquet at the lower end of the range; e.g. 48 lbs.
    • If you do not have any specific requirements, or are looking for the best of both worlds, string your racquet in the middle of the range; e.g. 55 lbs.
    • Typically you can find this range listed with all of the other racquet’s specifications.
    • The type of string also plays a huge factor in how tight or lose you should string your racquets.
  • What is the Difference Between a Monofiloment string and a Multifiloment string?
  • The type of string you choose plays a HUGE factor on string tensions.
  • A Monofiloment (poly) is a single core string creating a stiffer feel giving you more control
  • When Monofiloment (poly) string is strung you typically drop the tension by %10 of recommended string tension
  • A Multifiloment String is a bundle of fibres, creating a softer feel giving you more power
  • When Multifiloment string is strung you typically string it at the middle tension

General Products

    • If I play with my shoes, and don’t like them, can I return them? We can only give in store credit or exchange shoes if they are in the same condition as they were sold in. We cannot accept shoes that have been worn on the court. We recommend you test your your new shoes in your home to ensure they are the right fit. Make sure you bring them back with the box if returning.
    • My club requires non-marking shoes, do you carry those? All of our tennis and indoor shoes have non-marking outsoles.
    • How long do tennis balls last? If the ball can remains sealed, they can last for upwards of a year. Once the seal is broken, the tennis balls’ shelf life significantly decreases; to what degree is hard to estimate. It depends on a number of different factors: times used, court surface and storage conditions.

Ordering Online

  • How long does it take to receive my online order? The length of time for delivery depends on your location and the shipping method you select.
  • How much does it cost to ship my online order? Shipping rates are calculated by shipping method chosen, weight of order and destination. You may qualify for our free shipping promotion. Tennis Balls are Exempt from free shipping.
  • Do you offer in-store pick-up with online purchases? In addition to the three different shipping options, we also offer an In-Store Pick-Up service. Upon checking out, select the “in-store pick-up” shipping option. Once your order arrives at your desired retail location, you’ll receive an email to know when to pick it up.
  • What is your returns, refunds and exchange policy?

    Regular priced items may be returned for a in store credit or exchange.

    Sale items (discounted less than 40%) may be exchanged for store credit.

    No refunds,credits, or exchanges on, strung racquets, Socks, worn or damaged product, and gift cards.

    Credits with original receipt only. Exchanges with original or gift receipts.

    Returned items must be in their original condition: unused, unwashed, unworn and must have all tickets and protective materials attached.

    Credits & price adjustments will only be credited to a gift card that can be used in store.

    Just Tennis is not liable for extra shipping fees or lost packages due to incorrect shipping address entry by customer. Customers will be charged a re-stocking fee for return-to-sender packages.

    Please contact us to begin the return process.

    This policy is subject to changes (e.g. Holiday Returns)

  • Can I return an online order? Yes. You are able to bring it to the store directly for an in store credit or exchange, as long as product meets return requirements listed above. We do NOT cover shipping return costs.
  • Why isn't my credit card being accepted? It's important that your billing address match exactly what is reported on your credit card statement. This includes hyphens, periods, middle initials, unit and apartment numbers - or any other spaces and symbols used on the statement. Be sure to also make sure your billing phone number is also the same one registered to your card.
  • Why do I have a hold on my credit card? For any transaction that is declined our system immediately sends an automated authorization reversal request to the issuing bank. However, not all banks support this request.Therefore the authorizations will reverse within the bank's default time period. To speed up the reversal process, please contact your bank directly. Please note if you incorrectly entered your credit card number and/or billing address this authorization reversal request may apply to you.